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The Customer Portal interface is designed to provide our Company a unique online presence.
We offer our valued clients enhanced customer service over the Web that allows them to track past and current shipments, get POD documents and submit a shipment request 24 hours a day.


Providing our customers with details about the status of their shipments has always been a time consuming process for our employees.
With the Customer Portal our customers can instantly get access to pickup and delivery information that is crucial to their business while giving our customer service team more time to concentrate on planning which will help to better service our customers.
Our clients can easily track the status of their current shipments online using the information specific to a freight bill.

Pickup Request

Traditionally to process a simple shipment requested we needed to have someone available to speak directly to the customer or wait to retrieve a fax, then manually enter this information.
With the Customer Portal this intricate process can be completed online 24 hours a day.
Our clients can enter the requested shipment details like the pickup, delivery, required dates, exact type and quantity of freight, temperature requirements of the freight and even requests for specific equipment.
The information entered by a client is then available for our customer service team to accept directly into our dispatch system.